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HANDSPUN MERINO! + Free Pattern Alert!

May 18th, 2011 by Be Sweet

First off, CONGRATULATIONS to Andrea L from Framingham, MA! Andrea L won our della Q/Be Sweet giveaway! Way to go Andrea and we hope you enjoy it!


Here at Be Sweet we have a lot of yarn to choose from. Not only tons of different fibers, but so many colors!

The newest member of our family, Handspun Merino is this blogger’s favorite!

Chances are, dear readers, if you’ve been to New York you’ve visited the fabulous Purl Soho. Purl carries an eclectic mix of yarns, books, notions, fabrics and is a crafter’s paradise. They moved into a new space last year and it’s nice to have everything under one roof! Purl recently picked up our gorgeous Handspun Merino and we couldn’t be more thrilled! Check it out on their site and see all the fabulous colors they’re carrying here. They featured Handspun Merino and Bambino Taffy on their May 15th newsletter.

Purl is also carrying a new hooded scarf pattern featuring our Handspun Merino by Mac & Me. More to come on that in another post soon. Handpsun Merino is also carried at Fabulous Yarns here.

On the ball band of this smooshy yarn is a new, free pattern. Our Big Apple Headband (pictured above) uses just one ball, knits up super quick and is an ideal project for a beginner cabler. However, when we went to press with our labels a few errors squeaked by our eyes and as a mea culpa, we’re offering it free on Ravelry here so everyone has the correct version until we reprint in the next batch. We apologize! FYI the errors occurred on row 20, 22 and the 2nd row of the button band end.

We hope you love this yarn as much as we do!